Sunday, May 14, 2006

Resource Links for PCAP Advocates


  • Ontario E-Laws
  • An essential website for advocates that includes all Ontario Provincial Acts of Legislation (i.e. the Tenant Protection Act; the Ontario Works Act; the Ontario Disability Support Program Act; the Safe Streets Act, etc).

  • A Guide to Reading Ontario Legislations
  • Helpful for doing research on provincial laws, particularly welfare and housing.

  • Ontario Rental Housing Tribunal
  • Toll Free Helpline: 1-888-332-3234
    Ontario Government’s guide to tenant issues and the Ontario Rental Housing Tribunal. Includes electronic versions of forms you may need if submitting an application or disputing a landlord issue at the Tribunal.

  • Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP)
  • Toronto: (416) 935-6939 E-mail:
    With 12 years experience doing direct action casework, OCAP has lots of skilled advocates who can offer information and provide strategy advice.

  • Tenant Action Group (TAG)
  • Belleville: (613) 391-5612
    A close ally of PCAP and a group that is at the forefront of direct action advocacy, TAG specializes in Tenant Rights, but also fights for welfare, disability and hydro issues.

  • Community Legal Education Centre
  • Toronto: (416) 408-4420
    Provides legal brochures on a variety of legal issues including welfare, disability, housing, criminal offences, etc.

  • Income Security Advocacy Centre
  • Toronto: (416) 597-5820 Toll Free: (866) 245-4072
    The Income Security Advocacy Centre works with and on behalf of low -income communities in Ontario to address issues of income security and poverty. Lots of useful online resources.

  • DisAbled Women's Network Ontario (DAWN)
  • DAWN promotes social justice, gender equality, human rights and the advancement of equality rights of disAbled women through education, research and advocacy.

  • Ontario Ministry of Community & Social Services
  • This is the main government website for information about Ontario Works and Ontario Disability Support Program. Policy directives, press releases and news are posted regularly on this website – so its worth checking periodically to keep up to date.

  • Daily Bread Food Bank
  • A food bank in Toronto that does food security advocacy, education and research. Their regular publications contain useful statistics and information on food bank usage.

  • National Anti-Poverty Education
  • A good source of news, facts and campaigns relating to low-income people in Canada.

  • PovNet
  • An excellent source of news and anti-poverty resources, plus a list of anti-poverty advocates in Ontario.

  • Arch Legal Resource on Disabilities
  • An excellent online resource for persons with disabilities – includes regular legal updates.

  • PTBO Social Planning Council
  • Phone:705-743-5915 Email:
    The PSPC facilitates research, community development, and public education in the Peterborough area. Providing regular statistical analyses of poverty and homelessness in Peterborough, the PSPC is a good resource for local facts and figures on poverty issues.

  • City of Peterborough homepage
  • Tel: (705)742-7777
    Important for finding city council meeting minutes, official city reports, social services info, etc

  • Peterborough Community Legal Clinic
  • (705) 749-9355
    Provides individual support for non-criminal legal issues such as housing and welfare.

  • PTBO Housing Resource Centre
  • Phone: 743-9122
    Provides a housing registry, access to emergency housing funds, referrals and support.

  • Poor-Bashing: The Politics of Exclusion By Jean Swanson.
  • (Toronto: Between the Lines Press, 2001.)
    An informative, easy-to-read book that describes the historical/cultural prevalence of poorbashing and provides tools to dismantle it. Highly recommended.