Tuesday, April 1, 2008

In Solidarity with Sysco Workers - Join them on the CAW Picket Line!

**Important Update**

A tentative agreement has been reached. There is no picket on Thursday. Thanks to all for their support.


The National Anti-Poverty Organization is calling for a social justice movement presence in support of the locked out Sysco workers on

Thursday, April 3rd at Noon

North Monaghan Parkway and Elmdale Road

Take the Parkway to Sir Sandford Fleming (right turn) and follow through to Elmdale Rd. Sir Sandford Fleming Dr. turns into North Monaghan Parkway.

You may be able to catch a ride at 11:30 a.m. from the liquor store on Sherbrooke St.



The CAW has worked closely with and supported the broad social justice movement in Peterborough for many, many years. CAW was a great ally to PCAP during the 1130 Water St. Squat. Now the Peterborough social justice and anti-poverty movements have an opportunity to help CAW members in Peterborough in their hour of need.

CAW Local 414 members been locked out at Sysco, food warehousing and distribution on, on North Monaghan Parkway (at Elmdale Road) and other CAW organized Sysco locations across Ontario since Friday last week. Now the employer is attempting to scab the operations. The issues are basic - recognition of seniority in the collective agreement being among them. The attempt to humiliate our membership by using strike-breakers in a lock-out is a challenge not only to the dignity of those members and the CAW as an organization but also to the integrity of the whole Peterborough community - a community which has a strong tradition of social solidarity, social cohesion and support for the rights of workers to organize and
bargain collectively to improve their lives and the quality of life in the
community as a whole.

The attempt to divide the community by a corporate entity interested only in profit no matter what the cost has to be rejected.

We have heard that the company is recruiting strike-breakers through homeless shelters. While these rumours are unconfirmed, they pose a potential threat to the unity and cohesion of the community.

Moreover, the CAW Local 414 members at Sysco would have their hearts lifted to see a large and spirited contingent from Peterboro social justice movements march down to the picket line at North Monaghan and Elmdale Road with banners flying and representing different organizations - NAPO, Food not Bombs, PCAP, Peterborough Coalition for Social Justice, ODSP recipients and more.