Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Donations Needed! Housing NOT Demolition!

Show your support for a family that is facing eviction and for the rights
of tenants! (Ways that you can get involved are listed below.)

A family in the Peterborough community has recently received notice that
an affordable housing corporation, Homegrown Homes, is evicting them and
demolishing their home rather than making the basic repairs and minor
renovations that are needed.

Homegrown Homes has also refused to reimburse the tenants for the
materials that they have purchased to make repairs, and has refused to
compensate the family for the possessions that they have lost because of
the corporation’s negligence.

Landlords are legally responsible to conduct renovations and compensate

Since Homegrown Homes refuses to negotiate and has been uncooperative, the
tenants have taken their case to the Landlord and Tenant Board to pursue
their entitlement to compensation for out of pocket expenses. However, due
to the complexities of the case, the tenants need the legal expertise of a
lawyer. Financial contributions will mean that the tenants can afford to
have this legal expertise and that they can push their case forward at the
Landlord and Tenant Board.

***How you can help:***

1). Make a donation to financially support the tenant’s legal case.
$660.00 are required to cover legal fees. If we recieve donations in
excess of this amount, then we will use it to create a fund for legal
and/or processing fees.

Please make donations out to:
Peterborough Coalition Against Poverty
393 Water, Unit #17
Peterborough, ON
k9h 3l7
Attention – Housing not Demolition!

Or you can send donations through paypal.
Please email us to let us know that your paypal donation is for Housing not Demolition.

2). Let members of City Council and the board of Homegrown Homes know that
people have a right to stay in their homes, and that housing corporations
have a responsibility to conduct necessary repairs and to provide

Tell City Councillors and Homegrown Homes not to demolish affordable
housing units!

Please send letters to:

Donna Clarke
Homegrown Homes
P.O. Box 2425
Peterborough, Ontario K9J 7Y8

Colin MacLeod
Homegrown Homes
P.O. Box 2425
Peterborough, Ontario K9J 7Y8

D. Paul Ayotte
c/o City Hall, 500 George Street North, Peterborough, Ontario K9H 3R9
Mayor’s Office - (705)742-7777 x1870
Fax » (705) 748-8861
E-Mail »

*Also send letters to your representative member of City Council*

3). Boxes for moving are very much needed!
If you have boxes or other items that would be useful for moving, please
drop them off at the PCAP office.

Fight to Win!