Saturday, January 10, 2009

Protest against Israeli Attack on Gaza!

When: Saturday, January 17th 2009, at 12:00pm
Where: Peterborough City Hall
What: Rally & Speak Out


Protest against Israeli Attack on Gaza – Peterborough

This Saturday, January 17th 2009, at 12pm the Peterborough Coalition for Palestinian Solidarity (PCPS), Peterborough Coalition Against Poverty (PCAP) and the Decolonization & Anti-Racism Coalition (DARC) will rally outside City Hall to protest against the Israeli attacks on Gaza. All members of the Peterborough community are encouraged to join us in speaking out in support of the people of Gaza.

The current situation in Palestine is devastating. Nearly 800 people have been killed so far, including several hundred women, children and aid workers. Thousands of innocent people have also been injured. As a massive humanitarian crisis unfolds among Gaza’s 1.4 million citizens, Israel is prohibiting shipments of medical supplies and other necessities from entering Gaza, as well as preventing the International Committee of the Red Cross and foreign journalists from entering the area. Most Palestinians living in Gaza are now struggling to survive without basic necessities and access to medical treatment.

People around the world are protesting against the violence being carried out by the state of Israel. We call on the people of Peterborough to join the growing chorus of voices calling on Israel to end its attacks on Gaza. As PCPS and DARC member Muna Ali points out, “This rally will give the people of Peterborough a chance to join thousands of people in speaking out and condemning the state of Israel’s actions.”

For more information, please contact Ayesha Asghar at(705)-868-3699 or by e-mail at