Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Put Poverty in the Budget!

*URGENT! Phone the Finance Minister NOW to get Poverty in the Budget!*

The economy is getting worse. People who live in poverty feel it most.
We need a provincial Budget on March 26 that makes poverty reduction the

Take 2 minutes today to phone the Finance Minister and tell him – you want
him to put funding in the Budget to tackle poverty!

Finance Minister Dwight Duncan’s public statements so far indicate poverty
reduction might not be his priority. But economists around the world agree
that the best economic stimulus is to put money in the hands of low-income
people, and to invest in social infrastructure to create jobs.

Now is the time for the Finance Minister to make the connection between
economic stimulus and poverty reduction.

Take two minutes to call him, and tell him to put funding in the budget to
tackle poverty in Ontario! Don’t be shy! It’s easy and effective.
Here’s what to do:

If you’re calling from the GTA: Dial 416-325-0400.

If you’re calling from outside the GTA: Dial 0-416-325-0400.

Use the automated operator to call collect.
The collect call will be accepted.
When the receptionist answers, tell him or her:

“*I’m calling from [your community]. I’d like to leave a message for Dave Pryce, the Minister’s Chief of Staff.*”

The receptionist will either write down the message, or will put you through
to voicemail.

Feel Free to leave a message along these lines (or your own!):

· *I’m calling from [your community].*

· *I’m disappointed by the Minister’s speech to the Canadian Club
that he didn’t mention investments to reduce poverty in the upcoming budget.

· *I’m very concerned, and I really want to see you make a
significant investment.*

· *With the economy getting worse, now is the time for the
government to get moving on poverty reduction.*

· *[Here’s how this is affecting me / people in my area…]*

· *Please make poverty the priority in the March budget. *

When you’ve made your call, please send a quick email at so they can track how many calls have been made.

*Make the call for poverty in the Budget – Today!*