Thursday, October 11, 2007

Community Consultation: Discretionary Benefits Program Review - October 22

In addition to the community consultation about the discretionary benefits program for OW/ODSP on Monday Oct. 22 at 1:00 in the Public Library on Aylmer St. (see below for more details), PCAP will also be attending a morning session for 'agencies' and 'stakeholders.'

If you have ideas or input about how the discretionary benefits program could be improved, please let us know so we can raise your issues at the consultation meeting for agencies, or at the open afternoon meeting.

We will also be meeting at Noon at the PCAP office to hear back about the mornings session and to plan for the afternoon. We will provide some food for lunch. Please join us.

Please consider registering to attend the event even if you can't make it. We heard that they were thinking of cancelling the afternoon session for lack of interest and we want to make sure that OW/ODSP recipients have a chance to have their voices heard. Registration details are below.

PCAP: (705) 749-9694 or Office is open Mon-Fri, 1:00-3:00, #17 393 Water. St. (we're sorry to say that our office is up a flight of stairs).


OW and ODSP clients and other concerned members of the community are invited to a Social Services community consultations about the Ontario Works Discretionary Benefit Program, which is under review.

Monday, October 22 at 1:00 p.m. in the lower level at the Public Library.

The discretionarybenefits program provides benefits such as dental and vision care, recreation subsidies, emergency funding for heat and hydro deposits and disconnections, and more. Learn more about the program and have some input into its
future directions and how it can be improved.

Contact Laura Warne of Social Services at or 748-8830 ext 3201 for more information or to let her know that you plan on attending.

For more information or assistance about how to apply for discretionary benefits contact PCAP. You can also check out this easy to read description of the benefits at
Under 'Public Education Materials' click on the 'OW/ODSP Benefits - October 2006' link.

PCAP will be attending this community consultation as we know Social Services could do more to increase awareness and access to these benefits.